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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Atrofia Cerebral - Matanza Extrema

Similar to: Noisecore

Sick noisecore from Peru in the late 1980's.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sack of Tarr

Disclaimer: If my description of this package seems a little vague it's because I'm trying not to give up too much of someone else's personal information. This post also contains a lot of graphic images so keep that in mind if you are a big enough moron not to realize it already.

This package arrived at my house a while ago and it's had quite a time getting here from what I understand.

     Some of it was stolen and replaced with other things I didn't originally order. It was delayed countless times and eventually even searched by the police. All of the zines were unstapled and the pagers were out of their original order. The really cool EMBTS t-shirt was way too small for me. Some tapes were missing cases and the back of the package itself was still open and unsealed when it arrived.

I made the t-shirt into a cloth poster. So it's still really awesome.

     It's a tribute to it's content (and a showcase of this strange mania I have developed over home made noise tapes and zines) that I'm still very satisfied with what I purchased. I'm still in the process of ripping everything I got and I won't go into too much detail describing each and every bit of sound on the tapes or dissect every word in the zines. I'll just let the work speak for itself and post it all on here gradually as it gets recorded and edited.

Since this was sent to me for the purpose of archiving it the URL of each file will be listed in this post instead of it's comments.

Intestine Stew Zine #3

View Online:


Intestine Stew Zine #4

View Online:


Canker - Two Thousand and Shit

Similar to: Grindcore/Goregrind/Noisecore


Elephant Man Behind The Sun - Demo 2 + Victims of the Conservative Meat Grinder

Similar to: Goregrind/Noisecore


Submersed Cadaver - Living in a World Comprised of Ecological Malfunctions

Similar to: Goregrind/Noisecore


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Will Destroy - Demo 2012

Similar to: Noisecore / Goregrind / Death Metal

A very raw album that alternates between metal riffs, grinding gorey noise blasts, and hateful sludgy dirges. You can get it for free from the artists bandcamp page.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pollutio Sonax - Cock Phosgene

Similar to: Noisecore

It's a rehearsal demo from a Brazilian band. Google turns up 0 results on this one. Thanks to Cristiano!

From an email:

"By the way, I'm sending you another pearl from the Brazilian underground called Pollutio Sonax, a side-project from one of the ROT's member made in 1993. Hope you like it coz its pretty rare stuff."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hillbilly Noise Pussy - Demo #1

Similar to: Noisecore


There isn't much info on this band. They refer to themselves as noisecore/country and they're from Brazil. This seems to be their only release and it's really short but also pretty entertaining. It sounds like a lot of out of tune shrieking and abused violin and harmonica sounds while someone hits snare drums. Simple, short, and noisy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fækal Omsorg - Poopmaster Shitstorm

Similar to: Noisecore / Black Metal


This one is a big contender for my favorite noise album at the moment. It's noisecore with a tinge of black metal and the occasional shit noise track. I'm in love.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Musta Oksennus - Tracks

 Similar to: Noisecore


I really fucking liked this. Just listen to it for yourself. The artist has this up for free on their bandcamp page so I'll just link that here.